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1025 El Embarcadero - Unit A

Apply to Rent

Step 1




Get your group together and find an available house/unit you like:

Find a House

Step 2




Give us a call, email, or text to let us know which house/unit you're interested in

Send us a list of the roommates who will be applying (with each roommates' email address)

Let us know if you have any questions!

Contact Us

Nick Lieber




Step 3

Submit an Application




Each person in your group must submit:

  • Tenant Application

  • 3rd Party Guarantee

  • Scan of Guarantor's Driver's License 

No Application Fee

Download the forms below, complete, and submit to:

- everyone in a group must complete an application

- everyone must have a parent/guardian guarantee


Pre-Application Reservation

To guarantee you get the house/unit before your group submits

the Applications & 3rd Party Guarantees:

You can submit an optional Reservation to Rent

  • Saves your place in line by taking your house off the market - while you and your group get the above application forms together

  • You are guaranteed to get the house/unit you've reserved once your applications have been approved

  • $500 reservation fee to be paid at the time of reservation submission

  • If your group is approved to rent: This fee is applied to your security deposit

  • If your group is not approved to rent: This fee is refunded in full

  • The fee is forfeited only if: Your group is approved and you choose not to lease or drop out after making the reservation

Download the form below, complete, and submit to:

if you want to be guaranteed the unit before application submission, an optional reservation to lease may be completed


Step 4

Application Approval

Once all application paperwork (Step 3) has been submitted for every person in your group,

we will process your applications.

We'll get back to you in 24 hours to let you know if your group has been approved

Step 5

Lease Signing

Upon approval, your group will:

  • Receive the lease for electronic signature via email

    • Each person receives the lease individually to their email

  • The 1st Half of the Security Deposit is due (equal to 1 month's rent)

See below (Step 6) for full security deposit / payment schedule

Step 6

Security Deposit / Payment Schedule

The total security deposit is equal to 2 month's rent

  • 1st Half of Security Deposit (equal to 1 month's rent)

    • Due upon approval / lease signing

    • If you've made a reservation to rent - the $500 reservation fee will be deducted from this payment

  • 2nd Half of Security Deposit (equal to 1 month's rent)

    • Due 30 Days Later (Exact date will be on your lease)

    • This will be used for last month's rent

  • 1st Month's Rent Installment

    • Due 60 Days Later (exact date will be on your lease)

Step 7


Once all roommates electronically sign the lease

and the 1st Half of the Security Deposit is received:

Everyone will receive their finalized lease via email

Step 8

Move-In Info

Move-in information will be emailed to you approximately 1 month prior to your lease start date


Our leases run from June to June (exact dates will be on your lease):

Approximately 350 days to allow us time to clean and repair the house for you

The total rent is split between 12 equal payments called: Rent Installments


Rent is due on the 20th of each month

We accept the following payment methods. Please contact us for details.

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