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General Info

Move-In Info

Move-in information will be emailed to you approximately 1 month prior to your lease start date. It will include:

  • How to pickup your house keys

  • Ways to pay rent

  • Utilities that need to be setup in your name

A condition report will be given to you with your keys when you move in. It is to be filled out and signed within 3 days of occupancy.

Rent Installments

Our leases are for approximately 350 days to allow us time to clean and repair the house for you.

The total rent is split between 12 equal payments called: Rent Installments

Rent is due on the 20th of each month

We accept the following payment methods. Please contact us for details.


Utilities need to be turned on in your name upon move-in

Goleta Water Service

(805) 964-6761

Southern California Edison - Electricity

(800) 655-4555

Southern California Gas Co.

(800) 427-2200

Cox Communications - Internet & TV

(805) 683-6651

Marborg Disposal - Trash & Recycling

(805) 963-1852

Renters Insurance

We recommend obtaining renters insurance upon move-in.

Renters Insurance protects your personal property against damage or theft

Renter​s Insurance is most often obtained through an existing insurance policy 

such as automobile or homeowner's insurance carried by your parent or guardian.

Renters Insurance is inexpensive: approximately $15 - $20 /month


Sink / Shower / Toilet

Please contact us if you cannot use the sink / shower / toilet due to a clog.

We will send a plumber.

  • DO NOT flush the toilet if it is not draining or if the bowl is full, this can cause an overflow and water damage.

  • If there is a foreign object in the toilet that can be easily removed, do so.

  • Use a plunger to free up the clog. If it doesn't drain the first time, let it sit for 30 minute and try plunging again.

  • If plunging does not work, contact us if you cannot use the toilet/shower/tub or if it is overflowing or flooding.

  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners. Frequent use of chemical drain cleaners can damage the plumbing and cause further problems.

  • For shower/tub drains, make sure there is a screen over the drain to catch hair, and clean that screen regularly to minimize drain clogs

  • Do not flush tampons, paper towels, q-tips, etc. down the toilet. Paper items other than toilet paper will not dissolve and can get stuck in the plumbing. This can cost you later when a plumber has to come out to clear the drain line.

Garbage Disposal

Please contact us if the garbage disposal is jammed or not operational.

We will send a plumber.

  • "Your disposal is on a diet" - only use the disposal for very soft foods in small quantities. Always clear your plate into the trash can first.

  • If your garbage disposal stops working: First, TURN IT OFF, then stick a broom handle down the sink and gently turn the blades to free up whatever is clogging it and dispose of it in the trash

  • Do not put grease down the sink or disposal

  • Do not overload the disposal with food, especially potato or vegetable peelings. They will clog the disposal. Carrot, lettuce cores, pasta, egg shells, glass and beer caps are the most common source of clogs / jams.

Heater / Pilot Light

If you don't know how to light the heater pilot light / if your heater is not working:

Please contact us

We will light your pilot light for you


If an appliance is malfunctioning, contact us and DO NOT operate.

We will send a repair person

  • Refrigerator: Do not overstuff refrigerators & freezers (including door shelves) and ensure the door is always closed. Overstuffed refrigerators may not cool well - space is needed inside for circulation of cold air. If ice buildup is visible, you need to defrost your freezer to avoid damage to the motor.

  • Washer & Dryer: Do not completely fill the units with laundry - if the load is too heavy, the unit will stop in the middle of the cycle. ALWAYS clear the lint trap after every use of the dryer to avoid a fire hazard.

  • Stove & Oven: If your gas cooking appliances won't light - call the Gas Company at (805) 427-2200. They will check and service all gas appliances at no charge. If the Gas Company cannot resolve the problem, or leaves a 'red tag' on your gas appliance, contact us to let us know of the issue so we can take appropriate action.

Electrical Issues

If you suspect an electrical breaker has been tripped,

contact us and we will walk you through how to resolve the issue

  • Do not overload outlets in the kitchen or bathroom with too many appliances. If too many appliances are drawing power at the same time, a breaker will be tripped.

  • If a light is not working - check/change the light bulb. Beach Town Rentals does not supply lightbulbs.

  • If an outlet is not working in your bathroom or kitchen, first check if the GFI outlet (outlet with a red button) needs to be reset. Push the red reset button on the outlet.

  • If these steps do not work, it is likely a breaker has been tripped. Contact us and we will walk you through resetting it.

  • If the power is completely out, contact the electricity utility company - Southern California Edison at (800) 655-4555

Mildew & Mold

Mildew/mold will take hold and grow where there is moisture present:

Clean any condensation or moisture as soon as you see it. Do not leave surfaces wet.

  • Regular sources of moisture in the residence are from hot water use, and from natural moisture produced by you and your roommates when breathing in closed bedrooms.

  • Always open the window in the bathroom when showering. Leave the door and window open for a few minutes after you're done to clear out as much moisture/steam as possible.

  • In bedrooms, keep doors and windows open for ventilation when possible. Position furniture (especially beds) at least 2 inches away from walls to allow airflow between the wall and furniture.

  • Change, wash & dry your bedding, towels and clothing regularly and frequently. Don't leave damp items such as towels or bathing suits in your bedroom or inside closets.

  • Clean up any mildew/mold as soon as you see it using cleaning products recommended for that purpose (such as Clorox Bathroom Bleach Foamer), and follow the above steps to reduce the likelihood of it coming back.

Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, please keep these phone numbers on hand

   Emergency: 911

Santa Barbara County Sheriff: (805) 681-4100

Goleta Police: (805) 681-4100 or (805) 683-2724 after hours

Isla Vista Foot Patrol: (805) 681-4179

UCSB Campus Police: (805) 893-3446

Fire Department: (805) 681-5500

Highway Patrol: (805) 967-1234

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